The process of acquiring a property
Purchasing a home is often a lifetime project. It is essential to choose the real estate agent who will become your advisor, your partner, and will be there to guide you better in this complex process. In order to buy a property, you must know the market.
To exercise an activity in France legally, all estate agents must hold a business card.
The real estate agent represents a property owner willing to sell. He is responsible for finding a buyer and completing the transaction with a sales agreement or promise of sale.
Here at, we are committed to assist and advise you in your search for real estate. We offer you all resources and expertise of a team of professionals.

Set a budget
Know that your real estate search will be more effective if you determine early a presentation price. Evaluate your debt capacity quickly providing all information regarding your account, savings and other financial opportunities.
Do not forget to take into account the additional fees such as property tax, housing, and insurance.
Our staff will direct you to an appropriate financial partner if you wish.

Find your property
Your real estate consultant will be able to help you to clarify your requirements and to establish a list of your priorities. This list will include the fundamental criteria such as the district, area, number of rooms, and the size of your patio or garden, parking spaces ...
Your advisor will start a targeted search on the lists of available properties and will present you a selection of apartments or houses available that match your criteria. You can then start visiting these properties.
Our website offers search tools and warning systems; do not hesitate to use them to save time.

Visits and letter proposed purchase
If you are interested in a property you visited, your real estate advisor will assist you to make a bid. If the sellers accept the proposal and countersign the document, it means they agree to sign a sales agreement or promise of sale within the time specified in the document (usually seven days, the time required to prepare the sale’s compromise).

Sales agreement or Promise of sale
The sales agreement is the basic document of any real estate transaction. This is a contract that specifies the civil status of sellers and buyers, the designation of the property (cadastral description and references), the selling price, the agency commission, the financing plan purchasers, specific conditions related to the transaction, the date of signing of the final act and Notary acting on behalf of the parties. The sales agreement form is the most commonly used. This is a contract that commits the buyer and the seller.
Following the signing, you have a period of seven days to retract. After this time, the purchaser pays an allowance (5-10 %) which will be deducted from the total price at the time of final sale.

Notarial Act
The signing of the final act comes within an average of two months following the signing of the sales agreement. As a Public Officer, a Notary‘s signature confers authenticity to the act. Moreover, a Notary collects in advance all information and legal and administrative documents. He operates all necessary checks including legal, tax, and mortgage planning. He performs all the preliminary formalities and various notifications. He also ensures the necessary payments have been made in order to carry out the act (price, loans, expenses and professional fees).

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